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Is this Back Pain Normal?
provided by our Pain Management team

Read Is this Back Pain Normal? provided by our Pain Management team to learn more about Ohio Institute of Pain Management and our Chiropractic office in Warren, OH.

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Arthritis Warren OH Back Pain
As we look in the mirror or stand on a scale, we are measuring our health on a simple measurement of visual information.  All the graphs and medical journals outline our health on simple measurements and determine where we should optimally range to be considered healthy. When it comes to our health internally we no longer seem to measure on how we look or how much we weigh but on how we feel.  It is only when a crisis occurs do we decide to take an inside look and take a measurement.

One of the most important areas that we should begin to look first is our spine.  Our spine is the foundation that not only connects our musculoskeletal system but houses the spinal cord which serves as the message relay to our full nervous system.

For such an important check up , the experts in this field are Chiropractors.  Chiropractors are specially trained to evaluate for misalignments of the spine and the amount and length of time nerve interference has been existing in a person.  They also can measure the severity of nerve blockage by knowing how much spinal degeneration – Arthritis- has occurred within the spinal column.

 How is the Health of My Spine Determined?

A normal healthy spine will allow all the nerves of the spinal column to exit the spine and allow the body to function the way it is supposed to in a strong and healthy way.  As seen by an x-ray, a person with an optimally healthy spine will exhibit a normal “S” shaped curve in three perfect sixty degree arcs with even disc spaces and the outer layer of the vertebral bones will be square, smooth, and well defined.

If someone is in what is called a Phase 1 of spinal degeneration they will have a loss of the normal spinal curve, they will exhibit disc, joint, muscle, and nerve damage. They will also have distorted posture.  These people will have less energy, their height will be diminished, and health problems will be something they put up with while having the false perception that it is normal aging.

If someone is in a Phase 2 of spinal degeneration they will have increased spinal decay, disc narrowing, bone deformation and spinal canal narrowing (stenosis) may occur.  These people will have a more common scenario of aches and pains (sometimes daily).  They will be fatigued quite frequently, and they must realize that their health is becoming a large concern if they want to enjoy the rest of their life.

If someone is in a Phase 3 of spinal degeneration they will have greater postural imbalance, increasing nerve damage, advanced bone deformation, and extreme loss of flexibility.  These people will have a serious health situation, if they are not receiving help from a Chiropractor.  They will commonly be on a lot of medication and find that they are unable to participate in healthy activities.  Their quality of life is very low.

The phases that follow are commonly associated with very low quality of life, disease processes occurring affecting organs and other systems.  The restoration through chiropractic care from these phases is extremely low to non existent.

Your level of spinal decay will determine the level of spinal reconstruction possible. If you wonder what your level of spinal degeneration is make an appointment with a Chiropractor today to find out.  Do not wait until your back pain, neck pain, or other health problems become to much for you to live with.  A Chiropractor is specially trained to correct misalignments, restore function, rehabilitate and revitalize the health of your entire body.

The Best Part – We Can Help the Now and Later!

Eye checks, teeth checks, breast checks, prostate checks.  Is a spinal check on your list?

As you are preparing and having routine check ups to maintain your health, make sure that a spinal check up is there to help you evaluate the health of your spine today and to give you a mirror to the health of your future.

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